If you have missed OCCAM 2015, here is the chance to watch and listen to the videos taken from most of the talks.
We hope they will call your interest to our OCCAM workshop series that will probably continue in 2017.
We are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Braun, Jochen Multi-stability and the dynamics of visual inference
Brunel, Nicolas Inferring synaptic plasticity rules in cortical circuits
Deco, Gustavo Resting fluctuations in the brain
Einhäuser-Treyer, Wolfgang Competition
Grün, Sonja Approaches for accessing coordinated neuronal processing during natural behavior
Jaeger, Herbert An introduction to conceptors
König, Peter Salience, grid cells and predictions
Pipa, Gordon Inferring functional interactions from neuronal data
Stewart, Terrence C. From single neurons to large-scale models of cognition
Trappenberg, Thomas Hierarchical anticipatory learning – computing with dynamic maps
Verschure, Paul F.M.J. Finding the soul of the machine: The distributed adaptive control theory of mind and brain
Vogeley, Kai Detection and evaluation of social informations
Vogeley, Kai Personen und Dinge : Neurale Mechanismen sozialer Informationsverarbeitung


For the complete video presentation (offering different download options), please have a look at Lernfunk.de (the media portal of the University of Onabrück).