Please find below the contributions to this year’s poster session.
We hope they will call your interest to our OCCAM workshop series that will probably continue in 2017.
We are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Echeveste, Rodrigo: From stationarity to ICA: an objective function for Hebbian self-stabilizing plasticity rules
Effenberger, Felix: Discovery of salient low-dimensional dynamical structure in neuronal population activity using Hopfield networks
Endres, Dominik: Analyzing the semantic structure of high-level vision in man and monkey
Fauth, Michael: Collective information storage in multiple synapses enables fast learning and slow forgetting
Khalid, Shah: Saccadic eye movements reveal stronger attention capture by fearful than neutral faces
Kutafina, Ekaterina: Complex mechanisms for small oscillations in slow-fast systems with mixed mode behavior
Leijnen, Stefan: Self-undermining dissipation in recurrent neural networks
Miner, Daniel: Self-organization of complex cortex-like wiring in a spiking neural network model
Nachstedt, Timo: Towards a model of the interaction of memory systems operating on different time scales
Nessler, Bernhard: Stochastic sampling without noise
Sacramento, João: One-class learning in networks
Sándor, Bulcsú: Transient state dynamics arising from short-term synaptic plasticity
Sieveritz, Bianca: The declining impact of dopamine on learning – a possbíble explanation
Vanni, Simo: Nonlinear area summation in biomimetic V1 increases coding efficiency
Wernecke, Hendrik: Attractor landscape of small recurrent neural networks